Friday, May 23, 2008

New Giclee Bike Print

We drive with Hitler ?
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Cool new bike print now available over on Etsy.

May is Bike Month here in San Luis Obispo, and for the Tall Bike Posse's month long Bike Art show I contributed this reworking of a great old Weimer Pursell WWII poster that originally promoted car-pooling.

As soon as I saw the original I knew I had to use it - first, because back then it was a huge deal to compare someone to Hitler. It still is a big deal to compare someone to Hitler, but every politician who wants to invade another country (see Panama, Iraq, etc) pulls out the Hitler tag and everyone rolls over and in we go.

I'm also interested in the contrast between WWII and the current Iraq War II, in that previously people were asked to make sacrifices for the war effort, to grow their own food, recycle, save gas, etc - and nowadays we are urged to go out and shop, spend more money, buy as much $4.00 a gallon gas as we can afford.

The print is a 10.6" x 13.6" unframed museum quality Giclee print, on a sheet of 13"x20" 100% cotton, acid free watercolor paper, perfect for display in a 16"x20" frame.

Happy Bike Month !

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