Friday, August 26, 2005

day 6: a swim was swum

day 6: a swim was swum

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this film doesn't quite work - but i learned a little from putting it together - the editing has to be tighter - the angle is wrong - but it was fun to make.

mark swimming through the frame at the beginning was a happy accident i decided to leave in - i was able to sync him up with the train whistle in a nice way.

i finished editing the picture and hadn't even really thought about the sound - and i had never noticed that there were built in sound effects in iMovie. so of course i had to over-use them.

here it is.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

day 5: picture show

day 5: picture show
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some randomness.

some low-tech camera trick.

my screen-saver generated pictures at random every 5 seconds from i-Photo - i pixilated them and shot through a drinking glass (resulting in an almost subliminal ad for that blue and yellow swedish place where one can buy said glasses very inexpensively).

not much else to say - except i wondered what it would look like and i have almost filled my allowable bandwidth on vimeo this week and may have to move away from video as a documentable source for this project for a few days.

here it is...


piece of cake (very large piece...)

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

day 4: the face

day 4: the face
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made a few short films today, nothing i ended up really liking much except the pixilation of this drawing. the film actually turned out a bit on the cruddy side once it was compressed for web viewing ( the colors got all blown out and disappeared) but since this is pretty much a sketch book it'll do...

this is a character i seem to use fairly often, though not always with the frown. but mostly with the frown, i like having a character who isn't so glad with the way things are going and who lets it be known. There is a sarcastic "Don't Worry" series featuring this guy which i'll have to try and dig up and scan. There are also variations on this guy in my "temp art" series.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

day 3: belated spring cleaning

belated spring cleaning
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365 day 3:

i think i'm using little videos on vimeo as a crutch in my quest for daily creative productivity. i had planned on making some type of earthwork at the beach today, but we got out to malibu at high tide and somehow it just didn't work out. so i fell back on the video art option:

abbreviated shirt catalog nightmare dream video on vimeo

I don't know how many times in my life this has happened, but there are those days when you wake up and look in the closet and wonder, "who put all this stuff in here? i bought this? i wore this? no! i did? way!"

and the fact that there are a number of similar shirts, all ghastly, that for some reason you imagined you liked. and now ? time to donate...

Monday, August 22, 2005

day 2: get up, stand up

day two
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day one you start strong. day two it seems like it can only get better. this is a still from another very short video clip up on vimeo.

it doesn't mean anything in particular - i guess today i was just thinking about the sisyphusian nature of life - the repetition, but with variation, that we go through every day. and i also wanted to know what it would look like. it kind of fails because i'm lazy but i'm practicing letting things go and not having to perfect everything so it is what it is.

i guess it could also get much much worse.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

day 1: film still

film still
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Ever have one of those days (or one of those weeks) where you get really really down on yourself and feel like you've never done anything - never created anything - never etc etc etc ?

for some reason - this weekend - i have been antsy and awkward and bursting at the seams all to no avail. feeling restless and creative but not sure where the energy should be going. so rather than hatching some big mega-project i've decided to start small with an sketch book kind of thing:

"365 works" (see the set here. though since today is day 1 you've pretty much seen it all)

It is a photo set on flickr, of what is supposedly going to be 365 images, containing a photo a day of something i have created. Will there be 365 images at the end of a year? hmmmm.....probably not. probably. but what else am i going to do?

the very short film that the still comes from is just a goof of a supposedly haunted bobble head dog:

dog film on vimeo.