Saturday, September 15, 2007

Best. Movie. Advisory. Ever.

Corn Palace Motel
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Some years ago I worked on a film called "Mr. Woodcock" starring Billy Bob Thornton and Susan Sarandon. It never saw the light of day. I had heard that they had to re-shoot lots of the film (like the parts that were supposed to be funny) but it was finally released this week to mediocre reviews.

I laughed pretty hard after seeing in the September 14th, 2007 online edition of the San Francisco Chronicle that Chronicle Arts and Culture Critic Steven Winn had concluded his review of the film "Mr. Woodcock" with the following:

Advisory: This film contains coarse language, a corn-eating contest and footage of Susan Sarandon as a small-town Nebraska beauty queen.

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Jeff said...


This post is serendipitous.

I just today watched the Tenacious D movie on DVD, and the first thing on the DVD is a trailer for "Mr Woodcock".

I thought I had heard of a movie in theaters now with that title, but the Tenacious DVD came out ages ago, so I was confused.

But it was a movie with Billy Bob Thornton and the guy from American Pie so I wasn't compelled enough to find out more about it...