Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Alhambra Drive-by Memories

Alhambra Drive-by
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A while back i made this shot for Ko Matsuo (zeebouz on flickr), a friend of mine who lives in Tokyo who I knew in high school when i lived in Athens, Greece. At some point I thought that he had mentioned that he had lived in Alhambra, CA as a kid. So I shot the shot when i went out to Alhambra to eat with John and sent Ko a link, and then I got this response:

"hey , Steve !!
Yah , I remember the name Alhambera !
Rings a huge Bell !!! I must have past by or hung out there
many , many times in the ancient past .......
I lived in San Gabriel , I guess it 's really near by (?)"

So then I wondered why I had thought Ko had lived in Alhambra. But I figured I was just confused/confusing.

Then, later the same day, I got another e-mail from Ko:

"hey , again !
I just had a really cool experience !
Every Sunday morning at 5:30 AM I go out
to a coffee shop near by and
get me a small pizza and a few cups of coffee .
Same thing every Sunday morning ....
Well this morning after I emailed you
I went to the coffee shop but
for some reason I ordered
a toasted english muffin for breakfast ..
and I took One bite of the muffin and all of a sudden
all these memories came flooding inside my tiny brain !!!!
Major Flash Back !!
Yes , Steve ! you were RIGHT !
I used to live in Alhambra from
kindergarten to 2nd grade ... back in the 1970 's ..
the cool thing is that I now clearly remember that
the First breakfast I ever had
arriving at the house in Alhambra was
a toasted english muffin !!
Really cool how the Subconscious works !
I guess I sent you an email some moons ago
that I lived there or something .... I haven't thought of the place since ..
Know wonder huge bells were ringing !!
I guess I am going senile or something !
getting OLD man !!

anyways , if you hadn't mentioned Alhambra
this experience wouldn't have been so intense"

I love the way this memory emerged from a bite of english muffin. makes me want one for breakfast tomorrow...

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zeebouz said...

Who~ ,, Me~ ???????