Sunday, August 21, 2005

day 1: film still

film still
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Ever have one of those days (or one of those weeks) where you get really really down on yourself and feel like you've never done anything - never created anything - never etc etc etc ?

for some reason - this weekend - i have been antsy and awkward and bursting at the seams all to no avail. feeling restless and creative but not sure where the energy should be going. so rather than hatching some big mega-project i've decided to start small with an sketch book kind of thing:

"365 works" (see the set here. though since today is day 1 you've pretty much seen it all)

It is a photo set on flickr, of what is supposedly going to be 365 images, containing a photo a day of something i have created. Will there be 365 images at the end of a year? hmmmm.....probably not. probably. but what else am i going to do?

the very short film that the still comes from is just a goof of a supposedly haunted bobble head dog:

dog film on vimeo.

2 comments: said...

nice move! i often get down on myself as well for not creating anything. i have a lot of ideas and things i could do, but then it is a question of deciding which one i want to actually commit to doing. sometimes its none. that sucks.

but you are right that sometimes being overambitious can be paralyzing and the best way to deal with this is take things a day at a time, little by little. not so much worrying about "quality" - is it good enough? but about quantity - just getting stuff out there.

so i applaud you, 7.

7-how-7 said...

thanks hex - i was just feeling a bit stuck - trying to work on a project and maybe trying to make it too perfect - which lead to some over-analysis of the situation which lead to paralysis which lead this - which will hopefully remain a relaxed sketch book kind of thing - so far everything is pretty silly - it's great to have a space for that.

but a year? what was i thinking? i already feel like i'm going to feel guilty the first day i don't make something.

only 361 days to go...